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Gateway.Gateway Constructor (int, eGatewayType, String, String, String, int, SecretKey)
public Gateway(int gatewayID, eGatewayType gatewayType, String gatewayFirmwareVersion, String radioFirmwareVersion, String hostAddress, int port, SecretKey key);
int gatewayID 
Numeric Identifier of the gateway.  
eGatewayType gatewayType 
type of gateway  
String gatewayFirmwareVersion 
Gateway firmware version.  
String radioFirmwareVersion 
Radio firmware version.  
String hostAddress 
IP address or DNS Resolvable host name address the gateway uses to communicate to the server.  
int port 
Port the gateway will use to communicate to the server.  
SecretKey key 
Static pre-shared key for initializing encryption handshake. 


Presets these properties 

GatewayType GatewayFirmwareVersion RadioFirmwareVersion Host Port SecurityKey 

Sets all other properties to default values

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