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SensorMessage.SensorMessage Constructor (int, int, Calendar, int, int, double, byte[])
public SensorMessage(int sensorID, int profileID, Calendar messageDate, int state, int signalStrength, double voltage, byte[] data) throws InterruptedException;
int sensorID 
Unique numeric identifier of the sensor that sent the data  
int profileID 
numeric identifier of the type of sensor that sent this message  
Calendar messageDate 
Date this data was generated  
int state 
Numeric representation of 8 bit flags. flag in position 2 signifies if message was generated from the sensor aware state. Other flags are profile specific  
int signalStrength 
Strength of RF signal from the sensor  
double voltage 
Voltage of source powering sensor  
byte[] data 
Byte array of the raw data sent from the sensor  


Constructs object and populates values

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