Monnit Mine Java
PIRBase.UpdateSensorProfileConfig1 Method
public static void UpdateSensorProfileConfig1(Sensor sens, int eventDectionType, int biStable, int rearmTime, Boolean sendSensorUpdate);
Sensor sens 
the Sensor object to be updated  
int eventDectionType 
Allows aware state when motion = 0, no motion = 1, or state change = 2  
int biStable 
Aware reading = 1 if it is selected, then the time between the message detecting motion and the message saying no motion is (rearm time + awarestate heartbeat). if it is set to all state changes = 0, then the time between the two messages is (rearmtime + rearm time)  
int rearmTime 
The time in seconds after a triggering event that the sensor will wait before re-arming itself  
Boolean sendSensorUpdate 
a Boolean flag that lets the sensor know if it should send up the new configuration 


sets all data for the ProfileConfig1 configuration available on the sensor  


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