Monnit Mine Java
WeightedActivityBase.UpdateSensorProfileConfig2 Method
public static void UpdateSensorProfileConfig2(Sensor sens, int minorInterval, int sensitivity, int maximumReading, Boolean sendSensorUpdate);
Sensor sens 
the Sensor object to be updated  
int minorInterval 
Time in seconds representing the amount of time is tallied for either no motion or motion value.(value range: 20 -600)  
int sensitivity 
Number of pulsed in every Minor Interval needed to qualify occupancy. (value range 1 - 500)  
int maximumReading 
Scalar multiplied with the percentage of the tallied motion time. (value range 10 - 250)  
Boolean sendSensorUpdate 
a Boolean flag that lets the sensor know if it should send up the new configuration 


sets all data for the GeneralConfig2 configuration available on the sensor  


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