Monnit Mine Java
GatewayMessage Members

The following tables list the members exposed by GatewayMessage.


the unique identifier of the gateway that is talking in 

list of gateway parameters 

how many messages that are contained in the packet 

type of message coming in 

the voltage value of coming from the gateway 

The date the message was received by the mine service 
Public Methods

gets the battery voltage based on the power attribute

gets the unique identifier of the gateway

gets the gateway parameter list

gets how many messages where sent in by the gateway

gets the message type

gets power which is measured in millivolts

gets when the message for the specific gateway came in

sets the unique identifier of the gateway 

sets the gateway parameters list

sets how many messages came in from the gateway 

sets the message type

sets the gateways power

sets the received date of the message

an override of the toString() method prints out like "Wed May 18 2016 10:50:05 PM GatewayID: 110051 Type: Data MessageCount: 6 Gateway Power: 3.91"
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