Monnit Mine Java
Gateway Methods

The methods of the Gateway class are listed here.

Public Methods

allows you to add a single byte array to your action control command
This is the overview for the BatteryPercentageHelper method overload. 

sets the isdirty flag to true  

gets a list of byte arrays that are the action control commands for the gateway  

gets the Router Address the gateway will use to pass traffic through  

gets the primary dns of the gateway  

gets the APN firmware version of the gateway

Gets the Gateways unique identifier

gets the gateways IP address  

gets the SubNetMask of the gateway  

gets the gateways type

gets if the sensor needs to be updated or not  

gets how often the gateway will get the sensor list updated  

gets weather or not the gateway uses observeAware  

gets the poll interval  

gets the primary port the gateway will send data through  

gets the pre-shared key that should be on the gateway  

gets the Radio Firmware Version of the gateway

gets a list of sensors  

gets the report interval of the gateway  

gets the secondary dns of the gateway  

gets the primary server host address the gateway sends data to  

Reforms the gateways network updating the gateways channel and re-downloading the sensor list for the gateway  

Registers a single sensor to this gateway

sets action control commands for the gateway

sets if the gateway should be updated or not

Sets how often the gateway list with be updated

sets if the gateway should observe the aware state of a sensor


unregisters a specific sensor from a gateway removes the sensor from the sensor list

updates everything needed to change the gateway IP

updates the poll interval of the gateway

updates the gateways heartbeat in minutes

updates the host and port on the gateway
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