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Gateway.Gateway Constructor (int, eGatewayType, String, String, String, int, SecretKey, double, Boolean, double, Boolean, String, String, String, String, String)
constructor Create(gatewayID: Integer; gatewayType: eGatewayType; gatewayFirmwareVersion: String; radioFirmwareVersion: String; hostAddress: String; port: Integer; presharedkey: SecretKey; reportInterval: double; observeAware: Boolean; pollInterval: double; hasUrgentTraffic: Boolean; gatewayIP: String; gatewaySubnet: String; defaultRouterIP: String; gatewayDNS: String; secondaryDNS: String);
int gatewayID 
The unique identifier of a gateway  
eGatewayType gatewayType 
The type of gateway that will be created such as usb or ethernet  
String gatewayFirmwareVersion 
This is the firmware version of the gateways APN  
String radioFirmwareVersion 
This is the firmware of the radio the gateway uses to listen to sensors with  
String hostAddress 
The primary Host address the gateway will pass sensor data through  
int port 
The primary port the gateway will pass sensor data through  
SecretKey presharedkey 
allows the use of encrypted packets this key must be matched by the key on the gateway  
double reportInterval 
This is the heartbeat of the gateway this is represented in minutes  
Boolean observeAware 
If this is true then the gateway will auto send up all data if it gets in an aware state message from a sensor if it is set to false then the gateway will wait until the reportInterval is reached  
double pollInterval 
polls the server to find out if there is any data that needs to be sent down to the sensors this includes but is not limited to updates and notifications this does not send up sensor data collected by the gateway  
Boolean hasUrgentTraffic 
this is a control or local notifier message  
String gatewayIP 
Allows you to set a static IP address on the Gateway  
String gatewaySubnet 
Allows you to set a SubNetMask address for your static IP  
String defaultRouterIP 
The router your gateway will be using to push traffic through  
String gatewayDNS 
The primary DNS server the gateway should use  
String secondaryDNS 
The secondary DNS server the gateway should use 


Creates a new gateway that takes a pre-shared key allowing for encryption of data packets also allows you to set the heartbeat and a static gateway ip  


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