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FilteredPulseCounterBase.SensorEdit Method
public static void SensorEdit(Sensor sens, Double heartBeat, Double awareStateHeartBeat, Integer overflowCount, Integer awareStateOverflowCount, Boolean accumulate, Integer pulseEdgeDetection, Integer filter, Integer failedTransmissionsBeforeLinkMode);
Sensor sens 
the Sensor object to be updated  
Double heartBeat 
How often the sensor communicates with the gateway if no activity recorded.  
Double awareStateHeartBeat 
How often the sensor communicates with the gateway while in Aware State.  
Integer overflowCount 
While not in the aware state, counts above this value cause the sensor to go into the aware state and transmit immediately.  
Integer awareStateOverflowCount 
While in the aware state, counts below this value transition the sensor from aware state to not aware.  
Boolean accumulate 
Standard operation reports the number of pulses detected between heartbeats. Accumulate on will accumulate the readings heartbeat after heartbeat. accumulation rolls over at 65535.  
Integer pulseEdgeDetection 
determines whether pulses are recorded at the positive edge of the pulse or the negative edge of the pulse. Positive edge = 0, Negative Edge = 1, or both edges = 2  
Integer filter 
Determines if there is a filter and at what Hz the filter is set to. 40 Hz Filter = 0, 4 Hz Filter = 1, or No Filter = 2.  
Integer failedTransmissionsBeforeLinkMode 
The number of transmissions the sensor sends without response from a gateway before it goes to battery saving link mode. In link mode the sensor will scan for a new gateway and if not found will enter battery saving sleep mode for 2 hours before trying to scan again. Lower number will allow sensors to find new gateways with fewer missed readings. Higher numbers will cause the sensor to hold it setting in a noisy RF environment better. (Zero will cause the sensor to never enter link mode. to find a new gateway channel the battery will have to be cycled out of the sensor.) 


Allows for the update of the specific type of sensor.  


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