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MineTCPSocket Methods

The methods of the MineTCPSocket class are listed here.

This is getServerInstance, a member of class MineTCPSocket. 
This is getTCPListener, a member of class MineTCPSocket. 
public void HandleTCPClientComm(Socket tcpClient) throws IOException//TcpClient tcpClient) throws Exception , InterruptedException { Extensions.debug("Reached HandleTCPClientComm", 30); OutputStream outputStream = tcpClient.getOutputStream(); InputStream inputStream = tcpClient.getInputStream(); try { _RunningClients++; int ReadTimeout = 30000; //clientStream.ReadTimeout = 30000;//30 seconds
byte[] inboundBuffer = new byte[4096]; int bytesRead;
while (true) { Extensions.debug("Reached HandleTCPClientComm Main loop", 50); bytesRead = 0;
try { bytesRead =, 0, 4096); //System.out.println(bytesRead); } catch (Exception e) { //a socket error has occurred break; }
if (bytesRead < 0) break; //eof if (bytesRead == 0) break;//the client has disconnected from the server if (bytesRead < 16) { Extensions.debug("Reached HandleTCPClientComm bytesRead < 16"); try... more 
This is setServerInstance, a member of class MineTCPSocket. 
This is setTCPListener, a member of class MineTCPSocket. 
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