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Gateway.Gateway Constructor (int, eGatewayType, String, String, String, int, double, Boolean, double, Boolean, String, String, String, String, String)
public Gateway(int gatewayID, eGatewayType gatewayType, String gatewayFirmwareVersion, String radioFirmwareVersion, String hostAddress, int port, double reportInterval, Boolean observeAware, double pollInterval, Boolean hasUrgentTraffic, String gatewayIP, String gatewaySubnet, String defaultRouterIP, String gatewayDNS, String secondaryDNS);


Presets these properties 

GatewayIDGatewayTypeGatewayFirmwareVersionRadioFirmwareVersionHostPortReportInterval (Default: 5)ObserveAware (Default: true)PollInterval (Default: 0 Not Enabled)HasUrgentTraffic (Default: false)GatewayIP (Default: "" Use DHCP)GatewaySubnet (Default: "")DefaultRouterIP (Default: "")GatewayDNS (Default: "")SecondaryDNS (Default: "") @param gatewayID Numeric Identifier of the gateway. @param gatewayType type of gateway @param gatewayFirmwareVersion Gateway firmware version. @param radioFirmwareVersion Radio firmware version. @param hostAddress IP address or DNS Resolvable host name address the gateway uses to communicate to the server. @param port Port the gateway will use to communicate to the server. @param reportInterval Interval in minutes gateway communicates. (Default: 5) @param observeAware Triggers communication on aware messages from sensors. (Default: true) @param pollInterval Interval the gateway polls the server to identify if urgent messages need to be communicated to gateway. (Default: 0 Not Enabled) @param hasUrgentTraffic Indicates if the server currently has urgent traffic for the gateway. (Default: false) @param gatewayIP IP the gateway will use on the local area network. (Default: "" Use DHCP) @param gatewaySubnet Subnet the gateway will use to communication on the local area network. (Default: "") @param defaultRouterIP Default router the gateway will send information to if it needs to communicate outside the local area network. (Default: "") @param gatewayDNS DNS server used to lookup server host names. (Not used is host is configured with IP Address.) (Default: "") @param secondaryDNS Secondary DNS server used to lookup host names if Primary DNS server is not available. (Default: "")

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