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ZeroToTenVoltBase.UpdateSensorProfileConfig2 Method

sets all data for the ProfileConfig2 configuration available on the sensor

[System.Obsolete("This method is deprecated. Use the SensorEdit method instead.")] public static void UpdateSensorProfileConfig2(Sensor sens, int power, int delay, Boolean sendSensorUpdate);
Sensor sens 
sens the Sensor object to be updated  
int power 
These options can be used to power/activate an external device for a set period of time prior to taking a measurement. The "None" setting disables any power options. "Digital High" forces the digital power pin to go high for the amount of time specified in "Delay in milliseconds" then goes low. "Digital Low" forces the digital power pin to go low for the time specified in "Delay in milliseconds" then goes high. "Amplifier SP9 Active Low" activates a transistor on the sensor for the time specified providing a path to ground/common which can be used to activate a higher current device. Max current output on the digital pin is 10 mA. Max current on the "Amplifier" pin is 40 mA. Any power drained from these ports will reduce battery life. power None = 0, Digital High = 1, Digital Low = 2, and Amplifier sp9 active low = 3 
int delay 
The amount of time in milliseconds the selected power option is active before the sensor takes a measurement. (default: 0, value range: 0 - 30000) 
Boolean sendSensorUpdate 
a Boolean flag that lets the sensor know if it should send up the new configuration 
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