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Sensor.Sensor Constructor (uint, eSensorApplication, string, string, double, int, int, int)

Presets these properties 

MonnitApplicationID FirmwareVersion 

You can selectively set these properties ReportInterval (Default: 120) LinkInterval (Default: 120) RetryCount (Default: 2) RecoveryCount (Default: 2) 

Sets all other properties to default values

public Sensor(uint sensorID, eSensorApplication monnitApplication, string firmwareVersion, string platform, double reportInterval, int linkInterval, int retryCount, int recoveryCount);
uint sensorID 
Numerical identifier of the sensor. 
eSensorApplication monnitApplication 
Type of sensor. 
string firmwareVersion 
Firmware version of sensor. 
double reportInterval 
Interval in minutes sensor communicates. (Default: 120) 
int linkInterval 
Interval in minutes sensor scans for gateway in link mode. (Default: 120) 
int retryCount 
Number of attempts to send a message to a gateway. (Default: 2) 
int recoveryCount 
Number of failed sequences before sensor enters link mode. (Default: 2) 
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