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CO2MeterBase.SensorEdit Method

Allows for the update of the specific type of sensor.

public static void SensorEdit(ISensor sens, double? heartBeat, double? awareStateHeartBeat, int? instantaneousThreshold, int? instantaneousBuffer, int? twaThreshold, int? twaBuffer, double? measurementInterval, double? autozeroInterval, int? failedTransmissionsBeforeLinkMode, int? EnableAutoZeroCalibration);
ISensor sens 
sens the Sensor object to be updated  
double? heartBeat 
How often the sensor communicates with the gateway if no activity recorded. 
double? awareStateHeartBeat 
How often the sensor communicates with the gateway while in Aware State. 
int? instantaneousThreshold 
Any assessments above this value will cause the sensor to enter the Aware State. 
int? instantaneousBuffer 
A buffer to prevent the sensor from bouncing between Standard Operation and Aware State when the assessments are very close to a threshold. For example, if a Maximum threshold is set to 90 degrees and a Hysteresis of 1 degree, then once the sensor takes an assessment of 90 degrees and enters the Aware State it will remain in the Aware state until the temperature readings drop to 89 degrees similarly, at the minimum threshold the temperature will have to rise a degree above the threshold to return to Standard Operation. 
int? twaThreshold 
Any assessments below this value will cause the sensor to enter the Aware State. 
int? twaBuffer 
Any assessments above this value will cause the sensor to enter the Aware State. 
double? measurementInterval 
How often the sensor makes a measurment(minutes). 
double? autozeroInterval 
A span of time over which the sensor tracks the minimum instantaneous CO2 value. At the end of this interval the sensor calculates the CO2 offset needed to make this minimum value equal to 400 ppm. Once set this CO2 offset is applied to all instantaneous CO2 readings. The CO2 offset is save to nonvolatile memory and persists if the sensor is power cycled (Days). 
int? failedTransmissionsBeforeLinkMode 
The number of transmissions the sensor sends without response from a gateway before it goes to battery saving link mode. In link mode the sensor will scan for a new gateway and if not found will enter battery saving sleep mode for 2 hours before trying to scan again. Lower number will allow sensors to find new gateways with fewer missed readings. Higher numbers will cause the sensor to hold it setting in a noisy RF environment better. (Zero will cause the sensor to never enter link mode. to find a new gateway channel the battery will have to be cycled out of the sensor.) 


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