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AdvancedVibrationBase.SensorEdit Method
public static void SensorEdit(ISensor sens, double? heartBeat, double? awareStateHeartBeat, double? VibrationHysteresis, double? VibrationAwareThreshold, double? VibrationSensitivityThreshold, int? SampleRate, int? WindowFunction, int? VibrationMode, int? AccelerometerRange, double? MeasurementInterval, double? FrequencyMin, double? FrequencyMax, int? failedTransmissionsBeforeLinkMode);
ISensor sens 
the Sensor object to be updated 
double? heartBeat 
How often the sensor communicates with the gateway, if no activity is recorded 
double? awareStateHeartBeat 
How often the sensor communicates with the gateway while in Aware State. 
double? VibrationHysteresis 
A buffer to prevent the sensor from bouncing between Standard Operation and Aware State when the assessments are very close to a threshold. 
double? VibrationAwareThreshold 
The sensor will become aware when Vibration goes above this value. 
double? VibrationSensitivityThreshold 
Values below this threshold are ignored (no analysis will occur and will not count towards duty cycle). Setting this to 0 will force the sensor to analyze every time, including noise, and the duty cycle will always be 100 percent. 
int? SampleRate 
This sets the sample rate of the accelerometer. As the sample rate decreases the amount of time it takes to sample increases. As an example 25 Hz sample time is 10.24 seconds and at 6.25 Hz it is 40.96 seconds.Keep this in mind when setting the measurement interval. 
int? WindowFunction 
This setting determines which window to use to filter the FFT results. If the sample rate and window function for velocity and acceleration are the same one set of samples will be taken instead of two saving power and reducing measurement time. 
int? VibrationMode 
This determines whether the sensor outputs Velocity, Acceleration, or Displacement data. 
int? AccelerometerRange 
Max observable g-force 
double? MeasurementInterval 
Interval in minutes between measurements 
double? FrequencyMin 
The minimum frequency range to consider when measuring velocity 
double? FrequencyMax 
The maximum frequency range to consider when measuring velocity 
int? failedTransmissionsBeforeLinkMode 
The number of transmissions the sensor sends without response from a gateway before it goes to battery saving link mode. In link mode, the sensor will scan for a new gateway and if not found will enter battery saving sleep mode for up to 60 minutes before trying to scan again. Lower number will allow sensors to find new gateways with fewer missed readings. Higher numbers will enable the sensor to remain with its current gatweay in a noisy RF environment better. (Zero will cause the sensor to never join another gatweay, to find a new gateway the battery will have to be cycled out of the sensor.) 
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