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QTipTemperatureBase.UpdateSensorProfileConfig1 Method

sets all data for the ProfileConfig1 configuration available on the sensor

[System.Obsolete("This method is deprecated. Use the SensorEdit method instead.")] public static void UpdateSensorProfileConfig1(Sensor sens, int measurementsPerTransmission, double hysteresis, double minimumThreshold, double maximumThreshold, bool isFahrenheit, Boolean sendSensorUpdate);
Sensor sens 
sens the Sensor object to be updated  
int measurementsPerTransmission 
the amount of assessments the sensor where take inbetween heartbeats if during these assesments the value is above or below respective triggering thresholds it will send an aware state message. 
double hysteresis 
A buffer to prevent the sensor from bouncing between standard operation and aware state when the asseessments are very close to a Threshold. for example, if a maximum Threshold is set to 90 degrees and a hysteresis of 1 degree, then once the sensor takes an assessment of 90.0 degrees and enters the aware state it will remain in the aware state until the temperature readings drop to 89.0 degrees 
double minimumThreshold 
the minimum temperature the sensor can report before it goes aware 
double maximumThreshold 
the maximum temperature the sensor can report before it goes aware 
bool isFahrenheit 
data is always stored as Celsius so if you are inputting values as Fahrenheit you will want to set this boolean value to true 
Boolean sendSensorUpdate 
a Boolean flag that lets the sensor know if it should send up the new configuration 
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